Lomography Konstruktor with Expired Kodak Gold – 06/52 Rolls

Finally fooling around with film again!

I purchased and assembled a Lomo Konstruktor a few months ago, but only recently got around to using it. I can report that the camera does function, but it’s not my favorite tool in the shed and I don’t know when I will use it again.

Assembly was more difficult than expected; quite frustrating at times. There were about a trillion different pieces and some of them were so small I wasn’t sure if they were actual pieces or just random plastic shavings. I almost hit a dead end when one of the tiny itty-bitty springs broke, but the kit ships with a few backups. The instructions lacked the necessary detail so I had to follow YouTube videos and other blogger commentary to struggle the rest of the way through. In the end, I was left wondering, “Did I do this right?”

So far feeling discouraged, I had to decide which roll of film to send on this suicide mission. I remembered a roll of expired Kodak Gold (12 exposure) given to me by Hubby’s father — I decided it would be the least painful to part with.

Operating the camera was one of the least intuitive experiences I’ve ever had. Which was suprising because my other lomo camera, the Sprocket Rocket, is an extremely fun and liberating experience. I can’t recommend it enough. But unlike the Sprocket Rocket, the Konstruktor was sticky, jammy, and unsatisfying. I also found it really awkward to hold.

I dropped off my film at the Walgreens One-Hour service with apprehension. I was worried about the judgement Lab Guy Lenny would pass upon me. Sure enough, I picked up my roll and he blessed me with this gem:

“Uh, you know there’s only three shots on this, RIGHT? It wasn’t my fault. That’s just what was on there!”

I assumed he meant that the other nine exposures were ruined, but I wasn’t too worried and wanted to get the hell out of there. I nodded and shoved some money in his general direction. Only when I got home did I understand what he meant: all my shots were double exposures!

Maybe this camera will make an appearance next time I’m tripping on shrooms. But until then it’s just gathering dust. If you’d put it to better use, I’d be truly happy to send it over.


2 thoughts on “Lomography Konstruktor with Expired Kodak Gold – 06/52 Rolls

  1. What a fun experiment. We’ve got a few old cameras sitting out in the garage but no film. However there is some used film around that needs developing that hasn’t made it to any lab yet. I guess we should take a roll a week or something to see if there’s anything to be seen on them anymore.

    1. Developing old film is so magical. You uncover memories, moments, and possibly even people you’ve forgotten about. That’s one of the many wonderful things about film photography.

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